Idea development & IP Strategist.

To help small business owners & creatives validate and protect their ideas through Intellectual Property!


Here to nurture your ideas and intellectual property!

Redefining the approach to entrepreneurship whilst creating an awareness that intellectual property are key parts of entrepreneurship that businesses should embrace.

Every business starts from an idea.

The idea(s) mature to become a business through research, proper planning and business viability.

IP = Intellectual Property. They are intangible assets. Short for creation of the minds.

Examples are:

Copyright – books

Trademark – brand names, logos

Patent – inventions

The concept of IP may sound unfamiliar, but is a great addition to any business, if understood and used properly. Some IP require legal registration to be valid (patent/trademark) while others don’t (copyright). They can be pretty expensive to register… The key is to treat your business like it’s registered.

I won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty here. But hopefully will write more on it and will be published on the blog. So, do subscribe to get the basics of how to apply IP to your business idea(s).

This website will enlighten (aspiring) entrepreneurs on how to validate their ideas and the role IP can play to create a sustainable business.

Hi! I’m Azeezat Periola

I fell into law and decided to explore entrepreneurship through understanding intellectual property. I have a masters LLM degree from Queen Mary University of London. My passion for learning and empowering others with knowledge on intellectual property matters and promoting business development led me to create this blog.

You’re here because you have something to explore.

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