Welcome or welcome back. It’s been a long break from writing and I am back.

With a new blog

New content

New blog name and layout

You might be wondering what’s this blog now about.

Basically, for now it’s going to be a resource blog. To share my insights on things I have learned. I have always enjoyed writing and during my masters I knew I wanted to share things I learned when I was done. Read more in the about page.

As someone who has learned much about entrepreneurship, idea and business development I considered giving the blog a name that reflects what I will be writing about. The name Ideas & IP – is to reflect the content that I will be posting and the theme for the blog. Ideas is about business development, idea validation etc. while IP is short for Intellectual Property and I aim to educate on the meaning of intellectual property – the types – copyright, trademark, patent and so – and also how it can be used for business development.

So there you have it, a quick summary of what the blog will be about.

To more writing and learnings.

If you have any topic suggestion, feel free to respond, put in a comment or use the contact form.

Till next time, I’ll write something interesting.

Do subscribe and if you do have any topic suggestions the comment is a button away.

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